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Cantabria Language and Arts’ Trip

No fewer than 50 pupils and 5 teacher’s took part in this summer’s trip to Cantabria. The trip included a visit to a house designed by Gaudi, an afternoon’s surf instruction, a visit to a superb wildlife park, a flamenco lesson, time in a Spanish school to meet with pen pals, lots of ice-cream, paella and churros and all done whilst speaking Spanish!

Here’s what some of our pupils have to say…

“When I went to Cantabria what stood out most for me was going to the Spanish school and seeing the different ways of learning and seeing them learn in a different language. English was a lesson for them while they did literature in Spanish. They all grew up learning English but some have a better understanding than others. The different cultures and way of living is so much more colourful and happy compared to dreary old England. I would recommend the trip to anyone thinking of going. Such an amazing trip with such opportunities”.

James Franklin 8K

“The Cantabria trip is a great opportunity that Westbourne provides to improve our Spanish language and knowledge of the culture. I didn’t go on the trip last time, but I wish I had! The trip was amazing and very different to learning about Spain in a classroom. We started speaking Spanish the moment we arrived. On one of the first days we went to a traditional village so we could talk to the shopkeepers and order food, etc. One of my favourite days was when we visited a school, as we could practice our Spanish speaking as well as make lifelong friends. We also went surfing, to a market and on a safari in a nature reserve. The safari was probably my favourite day, as the park was so large that we had to either drive or go in a cable car to explore. The cable cars went over the animal enclosures which were vast, so the animals had lots of space to roam. Another great aspect of the trip was that we were able to stay with people from different school years that we might have not hung around with before. Best of all, we were able to practice our Spanish first hand and see what a different culture is like. I would recommend this trip to all!”

Lil Lidster 9F

“Cantabria was a life-changing experience for me. Not only was it my first time abroad with school, but I was able to use my Spanish knowledge in everyday situations whether that was in a market, or in a bar! I have taken away so many memories from Cantabria, but one of the things that stood out the most for me was when we went to the Surf School. This is because I had so much fun trying to catch the best waves and riding them right on to the beach, as well as watching everyone else fall over. This was an excellent trip that enriched my Spanish vocabulary and helped me get a better understanding of the Spanish culture.”

James Billingham, 8K


“Throughout Cantabria, my favourite activity was visiting the El Capricho and surfing. This trip wasn’t the casual visit to the local residentials; this was an overseas trip that helped with my social skills and with my Spanish. The El Capricho visit was a historical sight and I got to learn about the architecture of the building. Many people may think that it was a boring language learning trip, however it wasn’t just sitting in a classroom learning about the Spanish culture. That would be boiling! Instead, we visited the places and we even went to a Spanish school to see what it would be like! This was a boost for my test that I had afterwards. Educational and fun.”

Chris Wang, 8B

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