Stay & Play commences this Thursday at 10:00am. Toddler group for babies and the under 5s

On the 11th May, an upcoming band, “Beyond Recall,” visited Westbourne to perform and deliver an Online Safety, Discrimination & British Values themed session
The pupils watched a unique and entertaining performance from the artists, which was followed by the PSHE educational message.The main message of the presentation was to empower students to make the right choices in regards to Online Safety & Cyber Bullying, as well as to inform students not to discriminate and to treat everyone fairly, whether they have a different sexual preference or are of a different race, sex, or nationality. They also discussed why diversity should be celebrated and the fundamental British Values.
The band released their single Up Up!, which reached No. 1 on MTV Rock TV’s Most Wanted Rock Chart. Check out a couple of their links below;

Beyond Recall – Almost (Kicks off 30 seconds in)

Beyond Recall – Low (Flo Rida Cover)


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