Westbourne's production of LEGALLY BLONDE @ The Montgomery 20th & 21st March

On Thursday the 22nd March and the Afternoon of May 17th, the Amy Winehouse Enrichment Programme visited school to deliver a series of assemblies and workshops with our Year 9 and Year 10 pupils.
The program involved: 
First-person life-story presentations from people who are in long term abstinent recovery from substance misuse. Discussion consisting of early school experiences,  factors which influenced addictions, the role of peer pressure and low self esteem and how we recovered from those barriers. This was followed by Workshops for individual form-groups, where we used activities to explore issues that may underpin a young person’s emotional wellbeing and resilience: raising self-esteem and increasing resistance to peer pressure. This is carried out with the goal of enabling young people to make more informed choices. Delivery was supported by abstinent volunteers who have received enhance DBS checks and training. 

Your choice. Their future.

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