Stay & Play commences this Thursday at 10:00am. Toddler group for babies and the under 5s

Westbourne School arrived safely back on Wednesday 28th February from their time in Nakuru, Kenya.

“We were volunteering at The Walk Centre, a school that was set up to provide for the children living on the town rubbish dump there. The only way of getting them to school was by offering food as these children would otherwise spend their days foraging for food or for things to sell among the rubbish. Westbourne pupils would help prepare the morning oatmeal and water porridge and deliver it in buckets to classrooms and then the same boiled cabbage and ugali (maize and water) that constituted their midday meal – every¬†day. The Kenyan children’s attitude of gratitude was very moving and their delight at receiving shoes, stationery and even ex-Westbourne sports kit was great. They talked of how much they loved school, their teachers and learning. Westbourne pupils and parents were involved in numerous activities including teaching lessons, painting a building, cooking and serving food and playing and caring for the beautiful, happy children there, making a real difference to the lives of children there.¬†Alex, the founder of the school said that he wanted the pupils to understand that where they come from does not have to determine their future. Education is the most powerful weapon they have against poverty.”

What better use for our old games kit?

The children were blown away with their new clothes. It was incredibly humbling to see their gratitude.

Your choice. Their future.

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